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The player 1Test1 holds 245 badges of 116 types. 1Test1 played 59 full and 194 half quadrants, totalling in 253 quadrants.
 Longest traveled badges: 125055 km(2 players), 124993 km(1 players), 124880 km(2 players) (ids only revealed for badges carried by more than 3 players.)
 Handed over badges (> 3 players): 6 players87153 km, 6 players68483 km, 6 players17243 km
 Oldest user created badges held: 2659 days Megachip-3, 2613 days Blackcats-4, 2534 days Madder-1
 Oldest weekly badges held: 2477 days, 2471 days, 2464 days, 2431 days, 1733 days
 Highest rated badges held: 3.81 Loki-29, 1.50 Snoopy-12, 0.43 wuffel-31
 Best Ranks in Statistics: 55./84 Gifts Provided59./93 Gifts Taken67./490 Badge Travel, Average 75./376 Badges with Other Players84./301 Number of Buddies.
 Has badges in 9 countries (does not need to have been in all of these):
Germany Germany Italy Italy Lithuania Lithuania Finland Finland Poland Poland The Netherlands The Netherlands France France Hungary Hungary Serbia Serbia
Badges (a region can have two, mapper and ruler):
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63 Buddies of 1Test1

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