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Badge #13481 a dorima-3

This badge was first seen 2017-06-13, last seen 2023-12-01. It has traveled a distance of 110642.4 km in the hand of 6 players, travel time 56686.5 h, average speed 46.84 km/d. This badge touched 3715 regions, is rank 660 in players/distance ranking, rank 1054 in pure distance ranking. This badges type image is rated 2.11 thus far.
Privacy Note: Track has been reduced and does not contain all steps. Especially latest history is hidden. Coordinate resolution has also been reduced.
Visited 18 Countries: Germany Germany Spain Spain Lithuania Lithuania Poland Poland France France Austria Austria Czechia Czechia Finland Finland Sweden Sweden The Netherlands The Netherlands Estonia Estonia Croatia Croatia Portugal Portugal Nirvana Nirvana Latvia Latvia Belgium Belgium Luxembourg Luxembourg Slovenia Slovenia
Drop Regions: Erlangen Süd Schnelldorf Würzburg