Meta Most Entered Statistics, 28 days  (?)
S08-31 12:44 09-21 12:46
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1.Image Contributors, 100 Days62640.969
2.World Champion36390.923
3.Mapmin Help, quantified35390.897
4.Countries Ruled32321.000
5.Time per Latest Badge Levels30301.000
6.Countries Ruled or Mapped29291.000
7.Own Power in Hand23240.958
8.Played in Countries22260.846
9.Countries Mapped22221.000
10.4 Weeks Most Actions21211.000
11.4 Week Actions (1 Week Delay)19210.905
12.Leading in Cached Statistics18181.000
13.FIS Meta-Pointsystem17230.739
14.Different Badges in Hand14190.737
15.Most Exclusive Collector (no Duplicates)14180.778
16.Distinct Quadrants Played14180.778
17.Geoguessers, 100 Days14141.000
18.All Level Rulers13200.650
19.Creators by Best Badge13180.722
20.Power on Ground (Country)13180.722
21.4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets13170.765
23.Different Quadrants Played12160.750
24.All Level Mappers12160.750
25.Free Capacity12140.857
26.4 Weeks DROP Power11190.579
27.Most Foreign Power in Hand11180.611
28.Most Exclusive Producer11150.733
29.Own Badges on Map11140.786
30.Region of 365d Most Played Quadrant101040.096
31.Number of Buddies10190.526
32.Lonesome Players, Relative10190.526
33.Weekly Thieves10150.667
34.Total Badge Production10120.833
35.Regions, Mapped or Ruled10101.000
36.Regions, Mapped and Ruled10101.000
37.Region FIS Meta-Pointsystem10101.000
38.Most Collected Player9210.429
39.Lonesome Players, Absolute9170.529
40.Quadrants per Player, Total9140.643
41.Geoguess Badge Droppers (36h ago)9130.692
42.Quadrants per Player, Ratio9130.692
43.Gifts Taken9130.692
44.Different Weeklies9130.692
45.Own Badges in Regions9130.692
46.Quadrants per Player, Full9100.900
47.4 Week TAKE Power9100.900
48.Geoguess Countries991.000
49.Longest Traveled Badge991.000
50.Contested Mapper Regions81060.075
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S08-31 12:44 09-21 12:46
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