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1.Contested Mapper Regions46313010.356
2.4 Weeks Most Actions37911190.339
3.Contested Ruler Regions31613040.242
4.Handed Over Badge3113420.909
5.Different Badges in Hand2943380.870
6.Region of 365d Most Played Quadrant2699790.275
7.Own Power in Hand2352790.842
8.Ruler Changes Last 365d1814150.436
9.Busy Voters1732050.844
10.Total Power in Hand1642090.785
11.FIS Meta-Pointsystem1522190.694
12.Transport between Regions1431500.953
13.World Champion1231780.691
14.Most Taken Badge1211510.801
15.Mapper Changes Last 365d1163640.319
16.Region FIS Meta-Pointsystem1162050.566
17.Total Badge Production1141560.731
18.Most Collected Player1131550.729
19.Most Foreign Power in Hand1081520.711
20.Quadrants per Player, Total1081290.837
21.Lonesome Players, Relative1001770.565
22.Regions One's Badges Touched1001250.800
23.Quadrants per Player, Ratio991540.643
24.Badges with Other Players981700.577
25.Own Badges on Map921430.643
26.Power in Foreign Hands901360.662
27.Lonesome Players, Absolute871490.584
28.Number of Buddies861520.566
29.Badges in Foreign Hands841310.641
30.Quadrants per Player, Full801120.714
31.Transport between Countries78890.876
32.Badge in Most Regions771120.688
33.Different Badges Touched75970.773
34.Quadrants one's Badges Touched741000.740
35.Different Weeklies721030.699
36.4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets691930.357
37.Most Valued Collection (incl. Duplicates)691160.595
38.Most Exclusive Collector (no Duplicates)661090.606
39.Longest Traveled Badge66840.786
40.Badge Travel, Total 631140.553
41.Own Badges in Regions63890.708
42.Badge Travel, Average 611140.535
43.Weekly Thieves581060.547
44.All Level Mappers58970.598
45.4 Relay - Longest58730.794
46.4 Weeks DROP Power57880.648
47.Badge FIS Meta-Pointsystem56840.667
48.Different Regions Played52940.553
49.Different Types Voted51790.646
50.Badges in Countries50960.521
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S06-01 11:54 06-22 11:45
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