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Badge #96215 a Isengrim-29

This badge was first seen 2020-01-21, last seen 2024-06-05. It has traveled a distance of 20556.5 km in the hand of 6 players, travel time 38324.3 h, average speed 12.87 km/d. This badge touched 614 regions, is rank 2147 in players/distance ranking, rank 88078 in pure distance ranking. This badges type image is rated 1.06 so far.
Privacy Note: Track has been reduced and does not contain all steps. Especially latest history is hidden. Coordinate resolution has also been reduced.
Visited 6 Countries: Sweden Sweden The Netherlands The Netherlands Italy Italy Germany Germany Belgium Belgium France France
Drop Regions: Haninge kommun Botkyrka kommun Sicklaön Hägersten-Älvsjö stadsdelsområde Norrmalms stadsdelsområde Antwerp