Become (Alpha/Beta) Tester

Thank you, that you consider to help even more!

First, the easy part: If you simply want to play (which is beta testing by now, but forever free and public), just skip alpha registration, install normal version and proceed as below step 2.

1. Here is What to Do for Alpha:

  1. Register here with your Google-Account.
  2. Install the alpha version from Get it on Google Play

2. After Install? (for Alpha and Beta)

  1. Start the app.
    • Choose your in game name and two colours.
    • Press on the inventory on the lower right corner.
    • Enter your Passcode.
  2. Hi there!!!

(2b.) How to Get that Silly Passcode?

Usually this is automatic. We send it to your GMail-Adress you used to sign in.
Only if you do not find it in your mail, don't worry just ask, it is easy there are several ways:
  • Use In App Chat.
  • Ask the developer via as listed at the lower end of Google Play.
  • Use Beta Feedback feature on Google Play.
For more information go to our Wiki Page "Getting Started".