If you want to be alpha tester, look here GoTester Instructions.

After you installed the app, next steps are:

  • Start the app.
  • Choose your Google Account for playing.
  • Choose your in game nick and two colors. These colors are your avatar/logo. Choose to please.

Now you are guest. You can browse the map, but you cannot play yet. Now:

  • Shortly after registering your account in the App: Check GMail for a passcode!
  • If you do not use GMail, ask us for your code!
  • Enter passcode in app. (The mail actually provides a link, which forwards the code into the app for you)

Now your account is fully activated. You can play.

  • First and primary goal is to collect as many different badge types (Kinds of Badges)
  • To move on the game map, move in the real world. This is a GPS based game.
  • (Very) basic strategy I: Take all badges on the map, that you didn't put there yourself.
    • When a badge is within the black circle on the map, you can take it, by touching it.
  • (Very) basic strategy II: Drop any duplicate badges you find in your inventory, i.e. keep one of every type.
    • To drop a badge, go to your inventory, chose a badge, find the button to drop the badge to the map yourself.
  • Note, your badge_capacity is practically unlimited, only duplicates, i.e. several badges of the same type, take capacity.

So much for now, we'll try to add more on Strategy.

  • Last modified: 7 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel