Kinds of Badges

At the moment there are existing 3 kinds of badges.

  • The ones which created by system (orange) (note that mapper and ruler are also system),
  • skill badges (blue) and
  • the ones which created by player (player chosen colors).

However, there are finer differences:

The type of a badge consists of following 3 badge properties:

  • Creator of the badge
  • Level of the badge
  • (optional) a special name

Note, badge images are attached to types and do not change the badge type.

This is a list of what badges are provided by which creators:

PicNameCreatorDescriptionCreationPlay Actions
RegularPlayerCreated once per day per playerproduce, dia buycollect, trade, vote, paint
VeryFirstPlayerRandomly deployed around player starting point, rare, only 4 per player only initial collect, trade
WelcomeSystemRandomly deployed around player starting point, rare, only 3 per playeronly initial collect, trade
Extra Capacity SkillSkillIncrease badge capacity by extra 5 spacesgift, dia buy collect, trade, power
Production Speed SkillSkillDecrease badge production timegift, dia buy collect, power
Take Range SkillSkillIncrease player take range by 20mgift, dia buy collect, power
Drop SpaceSkillDecrease minimum distance between dropsgift, dia buy collect, power
InfluencerSkillDecrease time between 2 votesgift collect, power
NOOPSkillDoes nothing, somewhat rare thoughgift collect, trade
DiamondSkillProduction speedup or “buying” of other gift badgesgift, win collect, trade, consume
PainterSkillAttach a picture to one of your badgesgift, dia buy collect, trade, consume
WeeklySystemProvided on the map once per week and active playerappearfind, collect, trade
Geo ChallengeSystemSlowly, randomly deployed on (inhabited) earthappearfind, collect, trade
MapperSystem/MapperHave the most Quadrants in a regionawardedhold
RulerSystem/RulerHave the highest sum of badge level in a regionawardedhold
PartyPlayerNot yet done: In app buy to create badges on mapbuy create, find, collect, trade, paint
other variousCreated by old releases, during software tests etc. Raredependscollect, trade

You get a skill with every level up and your very first one, when you finish logon. You do not have a free choice, but get a choice from random pair of skills and have to chose one of them.

There are currently the following skills:

  1. Production speed. Every badge of this type reduces badge production period by a certain percentage.
  2. Extra capacity. Adds 5 spaces to your inventory.
  3. Take range. Each of these badges increases your range to take badges.
  4. Magic diamond. Each of those is good for a one time instant production. By using a magic diamond you destroy it, so you might want to keep the last for your leveling score.
  5. Paint brush. Each brush allows you to add a picture to one of your own badge types. By using a brush you destroy it, so you might want to keep the last for your leveling score.

Here you can find some strategic thoughs about skills.

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