Gray, Yellow, Green and Blue Quadrants
The whole earth is divided in little “squares”, which have 4 stages (gray, blue, yellow and green) and can be explored (see cartographing). Further every quadrant is being attached to (political) region.

Note 1. The quadrant you are currently in (given a GPS fix) is marked on the map with a white square with crossing diagonals. This can be useful to know, if you are close to a border.

Note 2. Your quadrant collection can only grow, once a quadrant is full, you cannot gain anything any more in this space. Your quadrants are not visible to other players.

Unplayed, i.e. not collected at all, depicted gray on the map around the current player location.

a location where the player has first dropped a badge he has produced (aka “own badge”).

a location where the player has first picked up (aka taken) a badge produced by another player (aka “foreign badge”).

Green quadrants are quadrants, where players have done both, a first drop and a first take.

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