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Білгород-Дністровська міська громада

Badge for TutorialGuy TutorialGuy, Mapper of Білгород-Дністровська міська громада


The player TutorialGuy holds 231 badges of 104 types. TutorialGuy played 62 full and 150 half quadrants, totalling in 212 quadrants.
 Longest traveled badges: 1789 km(1 players), 1787 km(1 players), 1647 km(1 players) (ids only revealed for badges carried by more than 3 players.)
 Oldest user created badges held: 564 days Antkeeper-17, 564 days Antkeeper-18, 551 days Antkeeper-16
 Oldest weekly badges held: 1621 days, 1487 days, 1359 days, 1010 days, 917 days
 Highest rated badges held: 1.83 Antkeeper-1
 Best Ranks in Statistics: 60./211 Quadrants per Player, Ratio, 71./153 Weekly Thieves, 83./296 Lonesome Players, Relative, 83./215 Different Weeklies, 97./106 Played in Countries.
 Has badges in 2 countries (does not need to have been in these):
Ukraine Ukraine Moldova Moldova

3 Regions Ruled or Mapped by TutorialGuy

Lviv Oblast Білгород-Дністровська міська громада Шабівська сільська громада

Badges (a region can have two, mapper and ruler):
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Antkeeper, SzyMarek


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