Statistics: 4 Relay - Fastest Badges

This statistics is about transports of a badge by 4 consecutive players.

For a badge (and its players) are eligible for this statistics, the following conditions must hold:

  • There is 1 (one) badge b.
  • There are 4 different players, say A, B, C, D.
  • The following must happen:
    • Player A picks up b at place X0, moves it and drops it at X1.
    • Player B picks up b at X1, moves it and drops it at X2.
    • Player C picks up b at X2, moves it and drops it at X3.
    • Player D picks up b at X3, moves it and drops it at X4.
  • Note: All players may play other badges in between, but above 4 steps are all that happened to Badge b, no intermediate drops or takes.

Given above conditions hold, the distance(X4,X0) is determined both in space and time. From this Badgers can determine the length and the speed of the 4 relay. The positions X1, X2, X3 are not relevant for evaluating the transport.

This statistics is about the fastests such transports.

Link: 4 Relay - Fastest

cf. Wiki Statistics: 4 Relay - Longest

This is a statistics from the badge group. There are many more Statistics. Stay up to date with (most) of Badge(r)s statistics via the Significant Statistics Changes page.

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