The true experiment behind badgers is, that we try to cover our very own spot in the realm of location based MMOs:

Cause we ..

  1. .. like location based gaming.
  2. .. like collecting stuff.
  3. .. dislike games which create a daily duty and interfere with our lifes.
  4. .. want to play when we want to play.
  5. .. want to encourage player to player interaction and not attach video games to geolocations.
  6. .. do not like to be forced to visit a boring location over and over.
  7. .. like to see how the game around us is evolving, evolving in a steady, human pace.
  8. .. want to encourage walking and biking the game, instead of burning fossiles for it.

If we fail, we either fail to achieve our design goals, or because our design has no market 8-)

  • Last modified: 7 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel