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 +====== Delta Compare ======
 +{{ :​ui:​deltacompare.png?​200|}}
 +Delta Compare is an advanced feature which helps the player to compare their inventories. ​
 +Through filtering out all mutual Badges, it helps to figure out which missing badges the other player has and which of the on badges the other player is missing. ​
 +On the left side of the Badge, you see how many of this type you have in inventory. On the right side, how many the other player has.\\ ​
 +Tap on one of your owned and you will see a list of all of them. Tap on one and you get the known [[UI:badge detailled view]].
 +To use this feature, the other player has to share his inventory. This can be done via [[ui:​colocs|Common Quadrants]] menu using the following [[ui:​start#​buttons|button]]:​ {{:​ui:​buttons:​buddies.png?​nolink&​35|}}
 +  - The Bag/Chest Button {{:​ui:​buttons:​remoteinventory.jpg?​nolink&​35|}} indicates, that the other player has shared his inventory with you.
 +  - Tap on it to open the remote [[ui:​inventory|inventory]].
 +  - Now you can use the {{:​ui:​buttons:​deltacompare.png?​nolink&​100|Delta-Compare}} button to open the Delta Compare.