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 ====== GeoChallenge Badges ====== ====== GeoChallenge Badges ======
 {{tag>​deployment:​map dropable:​yes paintable:​no}} ​ {{tag>​deployment:​map dropable:​yes paintable:​no}} ​
 |rarity|common| |rarity|common|
 |producer|system| |producer|system|
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 |consumable|no| |consumable|no|
 |paintable|no| |paintable|no|
 +At the beginning of Badge(r)s as the big Badge-God (lnl4) created the world, hey deployed 1605 (what a magical number) GeoChallenge-Badges all over the world with just one target: Make all [[rules:​player|Badgers]] happy on sharing, collecting and moving ;)