Region 4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets  (?)
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S 11-29 08:57 12-01 08:57
1.Charlottesville, United States of America1845
2.Brieselang, Germany1784
3.Żary, Poland1675
4.Brasschaat, Belgium1276
5.Oswego, United States of America1165
6.Aarhus Ø, Denmark1127
7.Strawberry Farms, United States of America1127
8.Collinsville, United States of America1020
9.Drogomyśl, Poland1010
10.Kyivs'kyi Rayon, Ukraine963
11.Maryville, United States of America918
12.Innenstadt in Bochum-Mitte, Germany836
13.Bendigo in Bendigo, Australia828
14.Ivanhoe East, Australia819
15.Columbus in Franklin County, United States of America818
16.Запсковье, Russian Federation815
17.Coolum Beach, Australia88
18.Siemensstadt, Germany794
19.Castlemaine, Australia739
20.Wangaratta, Australia739
21.Otrada, Ukraine718
22.Albemarle County, United States of America718
23.Troy, United States of America715
24.Aarhus, Denmark714
25.Buchholz in der Nordheide, Germany667
26.Центр, Russian Federation615
27.Sullivan County in Tennessee, United States of America615
28.Lichtenberg in Lichtenberg, Germany613
29.Reet, Belgium612
30.Madison County in Illinois, United States of America611
31.East Geelong, Australia68
32.Pawłowice, Poland66
33.Niederschönhausen, Germany524
34.Southside, United Kingdom56
35.Hammel, Denmark55
36.Liège in Liège, Belgium4113
37.Charlottenburg, Germany4105
38.Ruisbroek, Belgium470
39.Mitte in Mitte, Germany453
40.Grabik, Poland434
41.South-City, Germany422
42.Heidesheim am Rhein, Germany421
43.Snekkersten, Denmark414
44.Witham, United Kingdom49
45.Lanzheron, Ukraine49
46.Bamber´s Green, United Kingdom48
47.Lystrup, Denmark48
48.Kew East, Australia48
49.Ballyseedy ED, Ireland47
50.Remagen, Germany45
S 11-29 08:57 12-01 08:57
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